The East WingThe East Wing is a new addition to Central General Practice. Opened late in 2010, it aims to increase the range of health services offered by the practice, with an emphasis on promoting good health.

Mansfield Physiotherapy occupies one half of the new premises. Chris Jacob is using his expanded rooms to complement his conventional physiotherapy service with an emphasis on Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Pilates classes, personal training and massage options are also offered.

Sound Imaging, a diagnostic ultrasound service based in Yea provide a weekly diagnostic ultrasound service each Wednesday from the new premises. Their ultrasound technician is skilled in soft tissue ultrasound, which has a special application in Sports Medicine. More conventional services, such as high definition pregnancy ultrasounds and other diagnostic ultrasounds are also offered.
Physio Room
The extra consulting rooms in the new building will also ensure we have enough room for the many visiting specialists who come to the practice, and will be used to give medical students some dedicated consulting space.