Central General Practice is a teaching practice with emphasis on registrars and medical students.

We are affiliated with Bogong Regional Training Network and Melbourne University.

We aim to provide registrars and students with a comprehensive range of medical training.

Testimonials from previous registrars who have now joined our Practice.

In February 2003 I commenced an 18month rural GP registrar placement with the Central General Practice. During this time I obtained experience across a diverse range of clinical situations and was able to build my skills both in common general practice presentations as well as emergency medicine with the Mansfield Hospital. I also very much enjoyed the other benefits that life in the Mansfield district has to offer, such as skiing, horse riding and alpine environment.

In 2008, three years after completing my training my husband and I decided to make a tree change and return to Mansfield and take up where I left off with the Central General Practice. Since then I have further developed my skills in obstetrics and very much enjoy the on going role that a country GP is able to play in family medicine. Overall it has been a great experience for the whole family. There are three terrific primary schools to choose from. Outside of school there is a great range of activities that just wouldn’t be an option in the city such as skiing, horse riding, mountain biking and water skiing as well as the more traditional sports and arts. Last but by no means least I have found the Mansfield community to be appreciative, welcoming, diverse and safe.
Dr Daniela Friday

I moved from Sydney to Mansfield three years ago as a GP registrar with the Bogong training network. Mansfield has ticked every important box as far as my ideal town to live and work in. It has a wonderful warm and eclectic community with artists, business owners intellectuals, sports enthusiasts, farmers, nature lovers and tradesmen all happily rubbing shoulders at the local Produce store and restaurants in town. Whether you are a horse rider, cyclist, fisherman, aspiring actor, musician, photographer, bushwalker or book lover, there is most likely a community group with like-minded people you can join. The scenery is simply spectacular with four very distinct seasons. I cannot imagine a more enjoyable place to work as a doctor than in Mansfield. The patient profile is challenging but enjoyable, the doctors are a friendly bunch with warm relationships both at work and socially. I have bought a property just outside Mansfield and am enjoying a lifestyle I could only dream of before. If you are thinking of making a tree-change, Mansfield is not a bad place to come to….
Dr Nelda Swart